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Emergency: Need help feeding baby blue rams

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I have blue ram fry and I don't know how to feed them. The rep at my local fish store said they use New Life Baby formula... This stuff floats, the babies are on rocks. I can't get it to work to feed them.

What can I do?
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There is something called first bites you can get which is a powdered food. You can also mash your pellets to make a powder on your own. I believe egg yolk will work too, not a lot obviously...oh and hard boiled I mean. Break it down to a powder. Baby brine shrimp works also or vinegar eels.
This is what I have on hand: New Life International Spectrum Small Fry Starter Formula 50 Gram: Pet Supplies

Can I maybe mix it with tank water and use a syringe to spray it at the rock or near it?
Get a turkey baster crunch whatever you have up and let it sit in water for a minute or so and squirt the food where the babies are.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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