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Emerged Plant ID (New England Aquarium)

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Does anyone know what these two plants are? They were in a massive riparium at the aquarium in Boston...I was disappointed with the lack of freshwater planted tanks, or the quality of them.

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I was there back in July, and took basically an identical photo wondering the same thing! My guess is it's some sort of terrestrial fern
I was shocked by the lack of diversity in plants between tanks, they could have spread the plant species out a bit more. This was an interesting small tank, I am wondering what the fuzzy stuff in the front of the tank is, it kind of looks like a beard algae but they had cleaner fish in this tank (I forget which kind some sort of a Pleco or Cat). This tank could have definitely benefitted from an Amano shrimp. Any idea what the red plant is on the right??

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The fronds in the second picture (and in the first but the second is all them) are maidenhair fern (Adiantum) there are a ton of varieties. They like lots of moisture/humidity so they do well near waterfalls and such, very popular as houseplants particularly in bathrooms where the humidity is higher or when kept on a water filled tray.
I had some of that growing on a lava rock hung at the waterline in my shrimp tank did very well till I had some aphid problems, now it's looking a bit wimpy. If you grow it, in my experience it likes to be fed, not a ton, but it'll start to look crappy if it's not getting fertilized enough.

The other plant that you see better in the third photo, could be something in the Selaginella family maybe, but that's just a guess because that's what the shape reminds me of, I'm not an expert or anything and looking up from underneath isn't the best angle to identify. So take that with a huge grain of salt.
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Thanks for the ID, you have helped many people here with that. I dose my tanks weekly, but if the roots are not crawling down the emerged wood into the tanks water I will have to fertilize with a misting bottle or something.

Selaginella does look very similar, I want to say I saw this same plant (or something very similar) for sale at HomeDepot not long ago.
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