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"emerged" driftwood

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I thought this was pretty cool. This 3 gallon is going on 2 years old, and I always had the top of this wood sticking out of the water like a stump. Didn't mean too at first, just didn't cut the wood short enough - now I would recommend doing it on purpose if you can :smile:
After sticking scraps of ricca and mosses to it for 2 years, here is the result.

Starting point:


Tank at the start:

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Nice, I had something similar to that in my paludarium.
really nice before and after pics.

I didn't realize there were two pics at first, and was thinking: "you should stick some moss or something on top", and then I scrolled down to the second pic. :)
Very nice! I've got some emersed driftwood and 'rock'scape in my paludarium that I'm trying to do this with. Your mature stump looks superb!
Trying to "dream up" a scape like that right now. Hardly hope for it to look that good
as I don't have a rimless to do it/w.
Really wish it could be in a Mr. Aqua 17g tank.
Great job, also on keeping the tank real clean looking as I've been wondering what
one of those acrilic tanks would look like after a year or so of use.
This one is all glass, jbj picotope
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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