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Ember Tetra with hole and dark insides.

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What is wrong with this guy?

I picked up 6 ember tetras. All of them are still very pale, which I know is normal since they are still acclimating. I'm not worried about that. However one in particular has very dark insides compared to the rest. From the top view the right side has a very slight bump as well.

Don't know much about fish anatomy, but is it the stomach or bladder region that's affected? I will try to get a top view tomorrow.

Is it parasites? Something he ate? None of the others have the same dark colouring inside of them. Not sure what to think. He isn't eating and just sits on the bottom.

There are appears to be some sort of injury to his side. I can't tell, but it may be a hole. Don't know if the insides are exposed. I don't think so.

The dark colouring in him has not disappeared after days now. I don't think it's poop causing the dark colour.

What do you think it is? Fungus? Physical injury that's infected? Parasites eating away at him?

Not sure if it's contagious or not, but I have separated him from the others.

Is it Hole in Head?

Help is appreciated!
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He died a week ago maybe a few days after I got him. He developed a cottony growth where the sore was. I couldn't figure out what it was to save him in time.

I figured he was injured/infected in the shop tank and the stress of a new environment was too much on his weakened state. The other 5 are fine and now out of quarantine.

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Hmmm, fungus will typically grow where a wound has been. I guess that's not very helpful information tho.

Hopefully it was an isolated dealio and the rest of your fish are fine. Sometimes it's just impossible to know what the cause is when fish get sick.
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