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ember tetra white spots (not ich)

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ember tetras with 3 white spots, 2 on one side and one on the other. the area
of the spots slightly protrudes from the body. i have the tetra in a separate
tank now. any ideas?
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seems to be some type of fungus
could try pima/melafix or IAL
I'm sure there is someone who could give better advice
im not going to be able to get any medication any time soon, i just read i
could use aquarium salt. so i started treatment. i just recently lost a betta
from the same tank that had sbd, i also have just read that sbd can be fungal.
my other fish seem fine should i treat tank and if so how to. also i just recently
had a ROAK and was going to send out some plants can this also be carried over
via plants?
I tend to stay away from aquarium salt with soft water fish but it may help and if you have no other option go for it
and it possibly could be carried over through plants, a bleach dip would most likely kill it but if you are worried you can wait to send plants
I personally havent had any fungal problems so I wouldn't know if it is contagious . still hoping someone else with more experience will come in
Judging solely from the picture (meaning there's a fairly good chance that I'm wrong), this looks similar to Neon Tetra Disease. My rasboras get something similar, though it's far slower-acting than normal NTD and only affects one or two at a time, while also taking a good two to three weeks to actually kill the fish.
This is based solely on the appearance of the cyst on the fish, so as I said before, there's a large margin of error in my guess.
well the ember tetra, didnt make it. prior to moving to the qt tank he was already not
swimming with the other tetras, so maybe i caught it too late. maybe added stress from
the qt. now im a bit worried about my other tetras and otos. i dont see any signs in the
other fish and googling it looks pretty positive that it was ntd. thanks for the replies.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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