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I'm having a weird problem. I'm finding it a lot easier to grow Eloecharis A way easier than Eloecharis P even though P has access to more flow, co2 and has good light the plant is stunned in growth. I end up buying new pots and batches of grass to replant but I still have this issue. Mind you it has been almost a month since I last replanted and still no where near as much growth as A.

Grass A is at the back of the tank with less flow and co2 but I end up trimming it 2-3 times a month. Grass P is grown in full Ada powder whereas Grass A is grown in a mix of sand and Aqua soil.

I did use h202 to treat the area with grass P a while ago. Could that have done something to the soil there? I don't mind buying one last pot of Eloecharis Parvula.

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