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Elodea Sinking and Won't Float

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So my elodea is now recovering from a melt induced by Flourish Excel and has sprouted a bunch of new growth (I added Seachem Iron). However, when I went down to check on the tank this morning, all of them had sank to the bottom. I tried pulling them back to the surface but they sank to the bottom soon after.

I have tried breaking the stems into smaller halves thinking it would lighten the weight, but to no avail they still sink. I want to try avoiding trimming the stems/ old growth TOO much because they all seem to have sprouted new baby branches and I don't want to do anything that hinders their growth.

Also, the tank light (13 W/ 5,000 K) seemed to have been left on all night (timer malfunctioned) and was wondering if that could've attributed to their sinking. Could the water have heated too much to where the plants became waterlogged? Is that even possible?

I'm not sure what to do next. If they are able to keep growing thats fine but it's a mess when all of them are scattered on the bottom of the tank; I rather have them floating so my betta can sleep on them. Should I take them out and place them on a towel so that they can "un-waterlog" themselves? Help and advice is much appreciated! Thanks!

The tank is a 5G hex.
Amonnia: 0-0.25
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: ~10 (was 20 before major water change)
pH: 7.6

There are flourish tabs in the substrate and Flourish, Prime, and Iron in the water

Don't have pictures right now but will attach if need!
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I've never seen it sink. My guess is the dead plant tissue is the part that's sinking? Try cutting off one baby plantlet- maybe just below where it joins the old stem and see if that floats on its own. I think it should keep growing fine without the old stem.

My kid has a snail bowl and I give her little bits of elodea when I trim- the healthy parts of the trimmings. Sometimes less than two inches. It usually grows out again in her bowl.
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