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So I have a 55 gallon pretty heavily planted tank with pressurized CO2 and I have two filters, an Aquaclear 110 and an Eheim 2215. I started out with the Aquaclear 110 and it pushed the water around pretty well. I eventually also got the Eheim 2215 for the other side of the tank. Once my plants really started taking off I muffled the Aquaclear because it was creating havoc with my plants, but ever since I've done that there has been a huge dead spot in front of my log where fish and plant debris builds up. I tried using a spray bar with the Eheim 2215 and putting it in various places but it never eliminates the dead spot and it pushes plants around. I was wondering if I should try a lily pipe or a powerhead, but I don't want my plants bending over and whatnot.
Thanks for any ideas on what the best thing to do is

Right in front of the log on the right side of this pic is where the build up happens.


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