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Hi all, new here!

I went to a fish store a couple of weeks ago and saw an elephant nose. I researched it about how they were a great community fish, got along well with others, really fun etc. Decided to get two (buy one get one for a penny deal)

However, since having them they have terrorized every single fish, barbs, angels, rainbowfish...everything.

So, I left with finding them homes. If anyone would like one or both, I'm desperatly looking for homes. One is currently in my hospital tank, because it was freaking my rosey barbs out so bad. I'm in SW michigan, Kalamazoo area, I really dont' have the ability to ship (I'd end up killing them) or any good way to transport them far.

They are really neat fish, I love to watch them swim, but they are bullying every other fish and it's just not what i expected or wanted.

BTW, GrowingPoint pet store in battle creek has a great selection of fish, plants are so-so, but I've never had a fish die or had a sick fish from there. (ok added that because of the forum I was posting in)

If you're interested in either or both, email me at [email protected] (use the word elephant nose in big letters so I don't think it's junk mail :)
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