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Elephant Ear Betta question

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Hi all, been away for a while, nice to be back into my fish.

My neighbor brought in elephant ear betta's and gave me one for mothers day, along with a crown tail, very pretty both of them.

Now, my question is, he gave them to me in jars with I think it was melafix in case of parasites. I don't think they're in for long, maybe 4 or 5 days. They look very healthy and the colors are good. How long can you leave them in those jars? Can I change the water with fresh from the tap and use prime? Or put the water in a bucket and prime it and then use. I would like to put one in my 10g and one in the 40g, or is that too big. If that's the case I'll get each a 5g tank or divide my 10g once I find homes for some Blue finned Kribs.
I would post a picture but the new iMac is driving me crazy, can't find my pix when I want to post something, I should have stayed with windows!
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I really really hope it was not Melafix in those jars, as Melafix can damage the labyrinth organs on Anabantoilds (the labyrinth organ is what they use to breathe air). :(

Personally, I'd go ahead and acclimate them to your bigger tanks as soon as possible. I'm a big proponent of drip acclimation, which sounds like should work in this case.

IME bettas *usually* will do fine in large tanks, as long as they're with suitable tankmates (no other anabantoids, cichlids, or fish that will go after their fins like guppies and sometimes tetras). Occassionally you'll end up with a betta that seems to have the fishy form of agoraphobia, though, does not seem to be able to adapt to larger space and tankmates, or one that is too territorial with any tankmates, and needs to be kept in a smaller tank.
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I have juvie kribs in the 10 g, do you think that would be a problem, if so, one more day and I'll just get a 10g together and divide it for them.
I wasn't expecting one let alone two betta's. He took me in to show me some gorgeous angels and the betta's be brought in...then he handed me 2 jars, he wouldn't take no for an answer!
The water is blue, they seem to be fine, no problems.
The petsmart near my house sells bettas in blue water. I'm not sure what it is, but they don't seem to mind it and I've never had a problem with the bettas I've gotten there. I think it just helps them not to stress.
Just throw them in tanks and enjoy, worry less about blue water...
OK, blue water is not Melafix, it's Methalene Blue, which is primarily used to treat/discourage external fungus and some bacteria.

I would not call it a "stress reducer," as all medications are stressful on whatever organism is being treated.

It's also not supposed to be used long-term, so I would go ahead and get the fish out of it.
Welcome back Bonnie. hope your fish are doing well. Lets see some photos :)
Thanks everyone:)
Albert I have been negligent, so much happened in the last year but I'm back to my tanks again. I'm just worried about putting them in with some of the fish that's in the 40 and 75g. In the 40 nothing is a problem except for the Blue finned kribs, they're having babies again. and the 75 has a yoyo loach that's a PITA! Haha, I don't want him running after the betta, that would be bad. If I get a 5 gal today I'd have to cycle it, that could take a while. I want to get them out of those jars today. I'm hoping he baby kris will leave one of them alone.
Oh ya, I also have blue gourami's in the 75g so that's out. I guess I'll go to petco and see what they have there.
I have to learn how to use my iMac first, can't seem to find the photo's,lol. I'm wishing for my windows back.
ok so I set up 2 small tanks a 1 gal tank and a 2g I got at petco. they didn't have 2 of the 1g.
I put prime in there, when do you think I can put them in?
each tank has an under gravel filter. I didn't want to put one of them in
with the krib young or the other tank with the parents. The filters are running, at least this will do until I sell the Kribs and get a divider for the 10 gal.
Tried posting these from my cell phone.


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