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Eleocharis Belem

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I've looked high and low on the internet for eleocharis Belem and have been unable to get any. Does anyone know the reason for this? Does anyone know somewhere to get it? I've seen it on EBay, but most sellers are from Australia which doesn't help me because they don't ship to the USA.
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Have you looked at the For Sale subsection on the forums? A quick search revealed several users that are selling it (albeit from 2 weeks ago). They may still have some.
I got it from Bartohog on here. Came in fast and healthy.
As far as I know you can only get them from other hobbyist. No store I know cultivates this species.
Rare occurrence, but I bought some parvula off of the SNS here and it wound up being Belem I believe. Grows much lower than parvula I've had in the past and curls downward instead of up. Anyone else had a surprise like this?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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