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Picked up couple bags of random substrate meant for a PT, and it ended up being very very fine - there is dust on all my plants and it seems like it will be a constant issue. I am thinking of transferring everything over to a larger tank that is empty at the moment and using this very fine sub as a bottom layer. I'm gonna list the elemental analysis here and I hope the feedback is nothing too negative (like, ditch that junk) because I dropped some $$ for it and would hate for it to be a total loss.
Aluminum - 11500
Barium - 135
Calcium - 212
Cobalt - 7
Chromium - 15
Copper - 19
Iron - 19070
Potassium - 2300
Magnesium - 2833
Manganese - 85
Sodium - 235
Nickel - 18
Zinc - 36

Tell me something good.

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Elemental analysis is not too useful in determining bioavailability of nutrients in a substrate. For instance, potassium from potassium permanginate would dye all of your fish while killing them and everything else besides plants and algae. Odds are it's nothing like that, and in most cases these substrates are mostly inert with a little bioavailable iron. Eco Complete and Fluorite are that way.

What brand is it?


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I prefer names and pictures of the substrate. For you can get something like Coconut brick made by different manufacturers.

The dust may go away. I had some dust from fluorite and it went away. If it doesn't go away I would top it with some black gravel.
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