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Hello everyone, just wanted to post up what came in today along with some other items that may interest you.

In case you missed our Grand Opening (which was amazing, big thanks to everyone that came out!) we are now carrying Precision Marine products, Vortech Pumps, Bubble Magus Skimmers, Bulk Reef Supply GFO HC, ROX Carbon, Media Reactors, Bio-Pellets, Frag Glue, 2-Part, DI-Resin, we now have access to the ZEOvit system additives and equipment, Bubble King Skimmers, Vortex Reactors and Skimmers, Aqua Illumination LEDS, EcoRay LEDS, Ecoxotic, and the list keeps growing. Everything that's hot in Reefing will soon be available right here in our home town! *Excited*

Have a look at some other goodies at the Studio!

Frozen Food
All flavors/varieties of Rods Foods back in stock.
PE Mysis, flatpacks, cubes, and cyclops/mysis combo packs.

Live Food
Live Brine Shrimp $2.00/Tablespoon
Live Black Worms $2.00/Tablespoon
Feeder Ghost Shrimp $1.00/Dozen
Feeder Gold Fish $1.00/Dozen

Blue Fire Swordtails $3.09
Pineapple Candy Swordtails $1.99
White Mickey Mouse Platy $1.60
Variatus $1.60
Paradise Flame Gourami $3.25
Australian Rainbow $1.75
Bosemani Rainbow $9.50
Turqoise Rainbow $5.35

Flower Horn Cichlid $11.25
Firemouth Cichlid $4.25
Jewel Cichlid $1.69
Ruby Crystal Peacock $6.95
Red Peacock $6.95
Sunshine Peacock $6.95
Premium African Cichlids $6.95
Livingstonii Cichlid $6.00
Moorii Cichlid $6.00
Venustus Cichlid $6.00
Marlieri Cichlid $16.69
Transcriptus Cichlid $16.69
Cylindricus Cichlid $16.69
Daffodil Cichlid $16.69
Auratus CIchlid $4.15
Electric Blue Johanni $7.05
Kennyi Cichlid $5.35
Red Zebra Cichlid $6.60
Black Angel $3.99
Albino Mystery Snail $1.05
Blue Mystery Snail $1.80
Nerite Tiger Snail $2.00
Assassin Snail $2.00
Clown Loach $8.10
Cardinal Tetra $2.89
Black Skirt Tetra $.95
White Skirt Tetra $1.55
Congo Tetra $4.05
Emperor Tetra $2.80
Neon Tetra $.75
Serpae Tetra $1.15
White Cloud Tetra $1.05
Orange Bee Shrimp $4.35
Bamboo Shrimp $10.00
Japanese Algae Eating Shrimp $4.35

Coral Beauty $18.00
Blue Hippo Tang 2.5" $43.00
Naso Tang $80.00
Yellow Tang 3.5" $38.00
Mysteri Wrasse $63.00
Africa Cleaner Wrasse $12.00
Pearlscale Butterfly $25.00
Percula Clown $10.00
Lawnmower Blenny $10.00
Diamond Goby $19.00
Forktail Blenny $15.00
Clown Tang $28.00
Dispar Anthias $23.00
Flat Yellow Anemone $30.00
Condolactis Anemone $12.00
Purple Condolactis Anemone $15.00
$Long Tentacle Anemone $25.00
Rose Bubble Anemone $65.00
Blue Leg Hermit Crabs $.99
Green Serpent Starfish $12.00
Large Featherdusters $15.00
HUGE Red Coco Worms $18.00
Turbo Snails $1.99
Margarita Snails $.75
Flashing Electric Scallops $15.00
Unicorn Tang 5" $65.00

Thanks for looking! See you at the Studio!
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