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For what its worth, I do have a Honda 2000 watt generator that I have used several times (gotta love Iowa weather sometimes).
In my situation, the 4 fish tanks in the living room all run off a single outlet which is solely connected to a single 20amp breaker. Having added up the wattage of the various items, I am a little less than 8 amps. This leaves enough excess power from my generator to run the heat side of the gas furnace (extension cord to each).

Typically our power outages last less than a day (usually 4 hours) so I figure the chest freezer will be fine. The refrigerator is good for atleast 8 hours with minimal issues.

My biggest concern was the bio media in the canister filters. Much more than 1 hour without oxygenated water running thru them and your beneficial bacteria start to die off. So far I think 5-6 hours is the longest I have run the tanks off the generator. No issues with any of the LED lights, filters, or tank heaters.
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