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Electric Blue Ram spawning

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Recently my Rams spawned for the first time and now I have some eggs. My water PH (8) and hardness aren't ideal so I've read the eggs probably wont hatch in my 29 gallon. For the next time they spawn I would like to soften the water up some. I was thinking of setting aside a 5 gal bucket of water and add some Fluval peat granules in some cheesecloth like a teabag for the next water change, and maybe do this for every change. Does this sound like a decent way to go about it without making the change too drastic? I would like to slowly get things more ideal for them if I can and maybe get a successful hatching in the future.

Thank you


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You can leave them in there and see how the parents treat them. Mine had a few hatches that they tended until they were free swimming for a few days. Then one day they were gone... The parents have a pretty regular schedule, so I have had a chance to try a few different methods of removing the eggs, hatching and growing them. On one occasion, they laid on the gravel. I sucked the eggs up with a turkey baster and put them in a jar of tank water suspended in the parents tank. I was worried that the baster would be too rough on the eggs, but most of them survived. I put a few drops of methelyne blue in to retard fungus, and added an airstone. It will take a few days for them to hatch, and they will kinda lie there and wriggle for a couple days after hatching. Once they started swimming, I bastered them out, and put them into a perforated freezer dish that I suspended in the main tank.

When you do water changes, cut the water with RO water. (I get mine from WalMart for .37 a gallon. Take your own container). That will reduce your hardness, but watch your Ph.

Good luck!
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