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el gordo 6 gallon fluval edge

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I also have the 6 Gallon Fluval Edge and thought I'd start my own thread to document my edge progress.

Here's my setup:

-queens, ny

-full bag of eco-complete

- upgraded to LEDs, replacing the Halogen Bulbs.
- took apart an ikea floor lamp and used the socket and cord to zip tie a 10w Coralife mini compact.

I zip-tied the bulb to the provided canopy like many others have done. I used electrical tape to secure some aluminum foil to the lighting arm where the bulb touches in order to add some heat protection.

- I took apart a Mylar balloon and turned the hood that came with the aquarium into a giant Mylar reflector. A cheap alternative to maximizing light. I left a little space in the canopy for heat to escape. The mylar shields the plastic from getting too hot where the bulb touches. The reflector really helps with the compact fluorescent bulb. The angle isn't ideal but there's only so much you can cram under the fluval canopy.

- right now I've got a DIY Yeast setup.
- I am currently using an undergravel filter for diffusing the CO2 and it works amazingly well.

I have a 5lb pressurized canister that I'm going to hookup once the yeast where's out. For those of you that live in New York or in the Queens area, I had my CO2 tank refilled at Awisco in Maspeth for $24.59. They are located at:

55-15 43rd Street
Maspeth, NY 11378
(718) 786-7788

I purchased an glass nano diffuser that I'm gonna use once it arrives

- I've jammed the hydor heater for 5 gallons into the provided HOB filter. Its keeping the water temp at around 73

Current inhabitants:
-6 neon tetras
-1 amano shrimp

I have some plastic mesh screening that I purchased from Home Depot years ago and cut it out and stitched some Java Moss to it using green thread and some plant weights that I clipped to the edge of the screening to hold it down.

At first I just made a mound of the substrate with the moss as a focus.

Then I found a rock that was unearthed near my apartment building during an excavation. Gave it a bleach bath using a little bleach and water then boiled it. I liked the rock so much I went searching around for the same type of rock. This is not very easy to do when you live in New York City. So I went on a walk through my neighborhood and found two similar type of rocks near a cemetery.

I've started a journal in the journal section to go into full detail of what I'm doing. Check it out if you get a chance.

Much Love, -el gordo
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