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Hello all! I'd like to thank all those who have answered a couple of my questions. And this is my 1st attempt at keeping a planted tank. I've kept freshwater fish only tanks and saltwater reef tanks before. My life is kind of on a budget now so I wanted something not as intense as reef tanks, but I still wanted the tank to be alive. So that brought me to a planted tank and I am loving it more than I did my reef tanks. Here is a picture of my tank before a few new additions were made. My camera is in need of a charge so more pics to come.

Here is a list of my equipment and my tanks inhabitants.
  • 15g rimless tank 19L x 13D x 14H
  • XP1 canister filter
  • LED lighting
  • 100W heater
  • CO2 system w/ Red Sea setup
  • 6 x CPDs
  • 6 x Cherry Barbs
  • 1 x Assassin snail
  • 1 x Zebra snail
  • 1 x other snail
  • 4 x Cherry shrimp
  • Pennywort
  • Dwarf sag
  • Crypt
  • Lesser duckweed

So there it is. Any feedback or tips are greatly appreciated.
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