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Eihem 2215 on a GLA 12L reef ?

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First, I would like to thank and compliment all the members here for the wealth of information on what are truley some of the most beautiful tanks I have ever seen. As a SW reef guy I am trying to emulate a more minimalistic look seen here oby using a 2215, lilly pipes and an inline heater. Can the 2215 be used with only filter floss anda tiny amount (2 tbs) of carbon? How would I take up all the additional media area to keep everything from just swirling around inside the canister? I am new to canister filters so any advice would be appreciated!
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I was hoping with all the Eihem Classic proponents here that this thread would have been overflowing! Maybe if I promise to set up a planted tank (lol). I really do need some advice about running a 2215 without enough floss/carbon to fill up the canister. Maybe an Ecco with the media trays would be a more appropriate choice?
I would not only use filter floss in the 2215, as it will clog very quickly.

You have more than enough room in that filter to use biomedia. Carbon is not really needed, so you can leave that out.
If you want to put filter floss in the filter just make sure you buy enough floss to fill it and dont pack too tight. I guess in a reef tank most of your bio filter is the live rock and substrate.

If you do set it up this way there will be no problems but you may need to clean/replace the floss more often then you prefer too. If you see flow decrease drastically just rinse it off in yak water.
So, let me see if I am understanding this whole canister filter thing. With the Classic I would have to fill the media area completely. I am assuming with the ECCO I would only have to fill up one of the media trays with floss, correct? Also since I am using relatively small amounts (2-3 tablespoons) of carbon, I would put that in a mesh filter bag and place it in one of the other media trays?
On the box I had, they had two recommendations for filling it. One was with the supplied media, the other was with only pads. I assume using only pads would be the same as using only filter floss if you didn't get the super fine stuff.
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