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EI Vets please review

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Aquarium finished: Check
cycled: For the most part; Check
Plants: Check
Fish: A couple; Check
Ferts: Confused as all get out

This past week I've been trying to read as much as I could on the whole EI method. too bad the more I look, the more varations of dosing there are.

I've come to understand(I hope), for the most part, higher dosing levels are better than less due to the 50% weekly water changes. I understand every tank is going to be different and it's going to take a little bit to feel things out. I'm just looking for some yeahs or nahs on some dosing numbers for me to start out with.

Tank details:
110 gallon tank
274 watts of CF lights
Pressurized CO2
2 big honkin filters

KNO3: 1 teaspoon x3 per week
K2SO4: 1/2 teaspoon x3 per week
KH2PO4: 1/4 teaspoon x3 per week
CSM+B: 1/4 teaspoon x3 per week

Sound about right to start things off?
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That should be ok. If you take the EI base-line for a 20-gallon and x5 everything, you get:

1 1/4 teaspoon of KNO3 3-4x a week (every other day)
5/16th-5/32nd teaspoon of KH2PO4 3-4x a week (every other day)
Traces added on off days as the macro nutrients, so 3x a week, 25mls each time.
SeaChem Equilibrium 5/8 teaspoon after water change.

I dose my 72-gallon at x3 the 20-gallon level...
Thanks for the links. I've been playing with that prior to this:icon_smil I was pretty much going off of Rex's deal he sends with ferts; 40-60 and then just doubling it. It seemed in the ballpark.
whoa there is another Ninja in this forum a blue one
As long as you are not sanding fiberglass!
Icthy Ichty!!

Try about 1/2 that amount.
Switch to Flourish or TMG(15-20mls).

Add GH booster in place of K2SO4.
GH booster is about 40% K2SO4 and it's got plenty of Mg and Ca in there as well. Add 1/2 teaspoon 2x a week

That should help.

From there's, it's time, water changes, patience. Keep up on things.

Tom Barr
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Been there, done that. No fun at all.

Just wondering why the lesser amount? It seems that those amounts are for a tank around 50 gallons. I'm not questioning you at all, just interested in learning :)

Just to reiterate:

KNO3: 1/2 teaspoon x3 per week
KH2PO4: 1/8 teaspoon x3 per week
GH Booster: 1/2 teaspoon x2 per week
Flourish: 15-20ml x3 per week

*110 gallon tank
274 watts of CF lights
Pressurized CO2
2 big honkin filters

Thanks for all the help.
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I saw 110 w of light ...........
Reject that last post except for .....

Anyway, keep what you had listed, switch to TMG(20-mls 3x aweek) and GH b ooster(3/4 teaspoon 2x a week or 1.5 tsp after water change) in place of CMS and K2SO4.

That wil cover all bases besides plant biomass, and CO2.
10 hours light.
Also do more frequent water changes if you have issues, just starting things up, algae, large changes etc.

Make the set up for water changes well thought out and easy(auto or semi automated).

This will be a huge time saver over a few months/weeks/years.

Tom Barr
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Sorry if this seems like hijacking, but I have a question about a comment Tom made:

I'm currently dosing K2SO4 and CSM+B... just wondering why you recommend bottled versions + the gh booster? Is there something undesirable in the CSM mix?

^^^ No problem, it's good question. I was just going to ask that.

10 hours of light. Sounds good. Is 20ppm a good number to shoot for using one of the many CO2 charts?

I'd like to think I have a decent plant mass in there. I got an "80 plant kit". I actually had to ditch some because there was literally no more room for some of them to grow properly. I might have jumped the gun a bit with fish, but it's done and over with now. Currently there are 6 baby clown loaches and 11 baby congo tetras.

Water changes are a snap. It's not automatic, but drain hose goes here and fill hose goes there:cool:

Thanks for all the advise.
It's an issue of the chelator, works softer low pH waters.
Even there though, I've noted as some rather asute scapers in our club after several years of experience, that the TMG gives a nicer sheen to leaves, crypts has a better pH optima for our tank's alk and pH(this is measured without CO2 injection).

I spoke with Alan today about the trace I am going to have made(more for my self, but may as well make some extra for the hobby and save them 10-20X off the name brands).

I have several things that I'll be using.

GH booster is nice because adding another 1-2 degrees of GH does not hurt or cause any issues with any plant. GH booster alos has K2SO4, so K i covered, and there's some Fe and Mn in there as well.

So you have K+, Ca, Mg all covered by one simple dosing.

Of course some might suggest K+ causes algae, or excess Ca or Mg.......but they need to prove it in a controlled system for all cases, not just their one tank etc.

You make a hypothesis, and want to argue for it, then you need to see if it's true or not.

Just like the legal profession, circumstantial evidence alone(correlation), does not cut it for proof.

I've done this and have never found any issues with a very wide range of plants species, wide species range of fish etc.

So it's a rather simple process, if these cause issues as many enjoy claiming, then why when I add them I do not have the same issues or response, instead I have nice plant and fish health?

It cannot be due to that.
Note, this does not say why the folks that made those claims are having issues however.

It only shows what it is not.

Tom Barr
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Just wanted to throw up some numbers and hopefully get some input.

From a cup that sat out for about 24 hours:
NO3: 5 ppm
PO4: .5 ppm
pH: 8 ppm
gH: 357ppm (26*)
kH: 464 ppm (20*)
(I've always thought we had REALLY hard water)

Tank measurements 2 days out from a 50% water change
NO3: 20 ppm
PO4: 5 ppm
pH: 7.2
gH: 107 ppm (6*)
kH: 438 ppm (24*)
CO2 from Chuck's calc: 45ppm

I know the accuracy is something to be desired with the LFS kits but any thoughts? CO2 makes me think a bit. My big honking sword and some of my anubis nana pearl like mad and the fish seem fine......

I'm getting a fair amount light stringy/fuzzy brown algae and some ditrius. My lights are running full boar for 10 hrs a day.
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