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EI metod question..

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If you read about EI on the net several places list recommeded dosing strategies (number of times per week as well as amounts of each) for a given size tank and it also lists the "target levels" for each parameter.

My question is about the actual target levels, not the dosing regimes per tank size.

Are these target levels the levels you want to dose to each time you dose (3 times a week) or are these levels the TOTAL amount you want to put in the tank between each water change (your 3 doses should add up to these levels) ?

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The recommended target levels are the average ppm levels of NPK that should be present in your tank througout the week. It will vary from day to day - but if you follow the dosing regime per tank size, depending on your plant mass and light intensity, you should be right up there with the taget levels.

If you read about EI on the net several (your 3 doses should add up to these levels) ?[/B]

It is my understanding that the the target levels per week is broken down to 3 doses- so your last statement is correct -your 3 doses should add up to these levels.
^^ That assumes that your plants don't use up the nutrients and remove them from the water.

This is where some of the tweaking comes in. How fast are your plants using the ferts? Might want to test... at first - just to get an idea. If you have 0 ppm NO3 3 days after your first dose, then yes, you'll need to dose your whole tank up to about 20 ppm or so for your plants. If you still have 10 ppm after 3 days then you might not need to add as much (but if you do - it is still fine).

The nice thing about the EI method is that it eliminates the need for testing because it essentially resets everything with the 50% water change every week. You make sure none of the nutrients are limiting (none are missing) and that there is plenty of what plants need for the plants to grow, AND you make sure the ferts aren't building up to unhealthy levels by doing your water changes.

If you have a fert-hungry tank with lots of light and CO2, dose up a bit. If you have a sparsely planted tank with lower light or inconsistent DIY CO2, dose down a bit. Having an idea of how much your plants use in a week will give you a better idea of what to put in.

A rough idea that might be helpful:

These assume that you add the listed amount EACH time you dose.
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