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Currently I'm dosing the following:

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
1.5 tsp KNO3
0.5 tsp KH2PO4
0.5 tsp K2SO4

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
0.5 tsp CSM+B

Sunday 60% water change using RO/DI water mixed back up to gh = 3 using grumpy's gh booster
kh = 3 using baking soda
Reason for ro/di water is I'm on a well with very hard water and high ph. Plus the water changes depending on the time of year :(

125g tank. Lighting is 4 39w T5HO bulbs with custom reflector on for 8 hours then an hour burst with 8 39W T5HO lights running. The light fixture is about 8 inches above the tank.

The hygros are growing very fast. Rotola is thin looking but grows fairly fast.
Can't seem to keep the algae off the Hydrocotyle verticillata.
Keep the drop checkers a light green color.

How can I determine if I'm not using enough ferts or too much?
Too much light of not enough?
This tank houses 2 adult discus, 6 adult rainbows, 5 cory cats, 5 bristlenose plecos

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