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EI dosing... still use root tabs?

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I am kind of worried to continue using root tabs. I just started EI dosing. I had a bad experience with some osmocote tabs and read too many other posts of issues. When I did use them my plants seemed to take off. But I stopped.

I am just curious if I even should still use them or not, and how to watch out for something going wrong with them.
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Others may use them successfully. However, since I have been dosing EI I have not added any root tabs and have not had a single problem with my heavy root plants. My substrate is also inert in all my tanks.

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Don't really think you need the root tab's if dosing the water column.
I dose dry fertz once a week but still use "Osmocote Pot Shot's "under larger rooted plant's and replace them about every four month's.
Found these Pot shot's at local garden store and they were way easier to do than making up little prill's of osmocote.
I am doing both, but my substrate base layer is sand. I recently started adding safeTsorb which can hold nutrients while sand can not. I think I will continue to use root tabs ever 6 months or so so it is available to the root systems. I think it depends on what your substrate is. I did not use root tabs for a long time and plants did fine but they shoot out a lot roots all up and down the stems to pull in nutrients from the column. I also had crypts that would sends roots straight up out of the sand instead of down in so they could get nutrients. This has lessened with the use of DIY root tabs.
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