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I don't know which calculator you are using, but the math is pretty simple if you know how much you want to dose each week. Looking at the size of tank you have, your weekly dosing would be
+/- 1/2 tsp KN03 3x a week
+/- 1/8 tsp KH2P04 3x a week
+/- 1/8 tsp Trace Elements 3x a week

Decide how much ferts you are going to add to your 500ml bottle. E.g. if you add 3 tsp of KNO3 your solution will provide 6 servings (two weeks) of nitrates. It's up to you how dense you want to make your solutions. Personally, unless you are using an autodoser (like a peristaltic pump) I don't think you should worry about mixing ferts up. Just add them to your tank and call it good.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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