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Ei dosing question

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Hello all, I have been running my tank for 10 months now dosing seachem liquids with decent results. I just recently purchased dry firts to start the ei method. Here's the problem, I travel for work and I'm sometimes gone for up to 3-5 weeks at a time, usually it's not longer than 2 weeks but on occasion I will be gone longer. I have a great wife that can dose and do water changes while I'm gone but I would like to simplify it as much as possible for her minus the water change of course. So after about 2 weeks of trying to figure this out I think I have it? Here is what I've come up with, any input will be greatly appreciated. I forgot to mention my main goal is to auto dose using my aquamedic reef doser evo4

This solution will be made in a 500ml bottle and dosed at 50ml 3x per week. I have to dose at 50ml because I'm adding K2SO4, if it's not needed then I can dose at 25ml, I will also add the 25ml dose I came up with

KNO3 target 7.5ppm = 34.72 grams
KH2PO4 target 1.3 ppm = 5.29 grams
K2SO4 target 7.5 ppm = 47.45 grams
Planted csm+b dosing at 10 ml 43.48 grams
Chelated iron Dpta fe 11% = 25.81 grams

Now the 25ml dose without the K2SO4

KNO3 = 69.44 grams
KH2PO4 = 10.58

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