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I'd like to introduce my EI Calculator (macros), available for Android Phone.
This is a free (and ad-free) application.

You can get it by:

  1. scanning here
  2. Clicking here
  3. Or by searching for EI Calculator on Play Store.
You can get the suggested dosing to achieve the desired NPK + Mg weekly concentration

  • N: 20ppm/week
  • P: 3ppm/week
  • K: 30 ppm/week
  • Mg: 10 ppm/week
depending on your tank size and dosing frequency in a week.

You can calculate for either dry dosing or for solution dosing. The application conveniently runs off line, no need to be connected on the internet, no need for a PC.

Currently, it supports KNO3, KH2PO4, K2SO4, MgSo4*7H20.

Really hope you enjoy it; please, let me have your comments as to improve it even further.

PS if someone wants to develop for iOS, I can share the code on MIT App Inventor.

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Hi Zorfox, thanks a lot for your input/ comments!

Add a toggle for liter or gallons. You can use radio buttons, check boxes or a simple label that toggles when clicked. If they want to use gallons just convert convert gallons to liters and change your volume variable. That's all I do.
Will go ahead with this one. Originally this was developed with a EU audience in mind, but I agree this will be a good addition.

Dry Dose or Solution choice is easier to understand. Two simple radio buttons. If solutions then show the inputs for this. Otherwise hide them. It confuses users to see empty inputs that are not used.
When Dry Dose is selected, inputs related to solution dosing are there but are disabled. I will however try to have the colored changed so that its more visible that no input is expected there.

Instead of the suggest and manual button why not eliminate them? All you need to do is ensure you have a volume, frequency and dosing type. Otherwise show a message to enter the missing data. Enabling the inputs for dose and element amounts would be far more useful. Example, I want 7.5 ppm of NO3 using KNO3. I should be able to enter that and have the other values update. Make sense?
The suggest option will return whatever salts you need to achieve the required PPM without the need to enter grams/salt. This was not available in v.1 so it was an enhancement.
The manual option allows you to "override" the logic to get suggested dosing, so you can achieve desired ppms depending on the input grams.

Also, I see no trace fertilizers. I assume is was a "real estate issue" because of all the elements. Try adding just a few important ones mainly iron, then Mn, Zn and Cu. You could include a tool tip for the others.
Well, I tried to not include trace elements (hence EI calculator macros) since in my experience, trace elements have their proprietary mixes depending where you get them from.
Also, I tried to squeeze the information in a single screen, albeit it is possible to scroll when you are using a device with a smaller screen. Mind you this was developed in MIT App inventor that does not give the option to make this adaptive (at least as per my knowledge) as with Android Studio.

Please don't mistake my suggestions as being negative. I've written a calculator before and I know how easy it is to not see what the users do. Just suggestions to make the interface easier to use since users could care less how it works. They just want the information with the least amount of effort. :wink2:
No worries, feedback is always constructive!

Also, what language did you use? If you used Javascript, HTML and CSS you can compile with Microsoft's Free visual studio and deploy to all platforms including iOS.
Yes, I've heard about this one, but I am not using it... I did develop this one with MIT App Inventor, a really nice online resource to create your own Android Applications with minimal effort.

Thank you for taking the time to review this one! :thumbsup:

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Following recommendation by Zorfox the application is now enhanced to include calculations for Liters or UK Gallons or US Gallons.

It has just been uploaded to Google Play; will take a couple of hours to become available.
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