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Ok I'm new and trying to learn as much as fast as possible. I think I have the basics of the pps and ei ferts I just want some reassurances from the pros.

I have a 55g low tech set up. 48" sat+ fixture daily dosing of excel. Tank will be moderately planted favoring the lesser end.

My thoughts are to go with the ei dosing to take all the guesswork out of everything. I don't mind water changes weekly. I just feel based on my reading using ei requires less attention to knowing if my plants are getting what they need where with pps you still kind of need to adjust dosage based on how the plants respond.

If my understanding is correct how long will the $15 ei package from greenleaf last dosing for a 55g?
Do u just dump the ferts in the tank?
And other than excel are the ferts technically all I'll need?

Thanks for the input
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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