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Well forgot the Mono Potasium Phosphate on my Greg Watson order. He suggested Fleet Ennama to not have to pay another round of shipping.

How much to use for the different formulas?

Also where do I fall into EI. Just starting have a high mass of plants. Ordered a large starter package from Florida Driftwood who was slow getting them to me but over all I am happy with the plants.

Heres what I have:

-80gal tank.
-Gravel/Flourite Substrate mix.
-185W lighting 6700K range all bulbs (3X40W flouresents and a 65W CF)
-Lighting on 10 hours per day.
-Pressurized CO2 on an SMS122 COntroller for a per the charts approx 25ppm conc. Diffused through a Rex Grigg DIY reactor hooked up to a Rena XP3. Runs 24/7 and at night have two additional filters (Mag350 and a Mag 250) on for increased circulation with a small airstone for night time oxygen.
-Chemistry from tap Per my testing and from the water company.
>ph 7.2
>GH 4
>KH 2
>no phospahates or nitrates.
-Tank is fully cycled and have been dosing the recomended values from the Flourish Nitrogen, Potasium, Phospourous and Trace bottles. Degass pH is 7.3 and a KH of 2, pH controller set to 6.4 pH and will hold it there steady during day. Interestingly since adding Flourite my GH went to 12 without affecting KH and I have an oily film sometimes on the stagnent section of water I can't seem to get rid of but the high fish load is doing great even with no air during the day.

Where do I fall into EI because I am not high light someone willing to help me get started my GW ferts should be here soon and picked up the fleet tonight.

I have some brownish/greenish spotty algea on my glass and on some plant leaves so wantto get it going quick before I lose a bunch of stuff.

Ohh also and how the hech do I get rid of Duckweed. Had some on my plants and ddi not get washed off now it is reproducing like bunny rabbits despite my best efforts to net it out.

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removing duckweed is similar to planting HC in the respect that in the end it will have taken hours and you will have a sore back and wrinkly fingers....
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