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Ehiem Classic - Blowing Bubbles

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I have 3 Eheim classics 2215's running on 3 tanks.

One of the filters a one or twice an hour blows bubbles
out and makes a 'air going through a water hose sound'

It has been running for about 45 days -

Is this 'normal' sometimes - is it an obvious signal
I need to check something.

No leaks, good flow, no pinches in the hose etc...

It is configured and set up exactly the same as the
other two - which as far as I know do NOT make the
sound and blow bubbles - hence the reason I go Hmmmm....

File under: Just wondering

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Sometimes they just need a good jiggle--sounds like it may have some air stuck inside it.
The air-bubbles aren't really normal, although if my tank is pearling, I get the same thing.
Do you have an inline CO2 reactor?
Other things it could be is a small leak on the intake side sucking in air.
Sometimes the water flowing into the tank creates very tiny bubbles. These can get sucked into the filter intake and build up until finally pushed out. Make sure the 'in' and 'out' are on the other side of the tank and that the water coming into the tank is aimed away from where it's being sucked out.
... David
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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