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So this tank is 2- 3 months
ehiem 9 aquastyle with stand
filter is a dt-200 aquatop with modified spray bar (extra holes)
Light is a finex ray 2 18 inch set diagonal on the rim

substraight is in pyrex dishes filled with ada amazonian for the plants to grow
all other are is filled with pool filter sand

1 large rock
- baby tears
- bocopia
- anubis nana petie

live stock is
red cherry shrimp x30 or 40
1x nerite
1x assian
1x amonio

and a temp back aka blue bag shot

feedback is always welcome

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I owe you thanks.

I've been looking for inspiration. Have some plants on the way and trying to determine what to do with them. Ideas are not the issue, which to tackle first is the challenge.

So while things are growing, I will play with this concept. Pyrex cassarole dishes are an inspired concept and not round like terra cotta trays.
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