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Background info before I get into my main question which is about Torf Peat:
My original filtration setup was 2 Eheim 2215's with standard media configuration plus an AC70 (for my purigen plus some added mechanical). However the noise coming from the AC70 was absolutely ruining the sound serenity of my aquarium so I turfed the AC70 (therefore no purigen as well) and am just running my 2215's. I know I'll get some serious thread drift on this next comment but on a side note: Spoiler Alert -- you do not need purigen if you do weekly water changes.>:)

the only way I can possibly justify getting a 3rd 2215 (because it's so nice and quiet) for added mechanical is if it can do something else for me on top of added mechanical and I do like to see the black water look in my tank every once in awhile but the look the physical look of IAL doesn't work in my tank.

I'm choosing to leave my two existing 2215's in standard media configuration and do not wish to replace any media with torf peat or smash some torf peat in in addition to my standard media configuration.

Now for my question about Torf Peat:

So has anybody had any experience with Torf Peat? Good? Bad? Not worth it?
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