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Eheim Professional?

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I found an awesome deal for an eheim canister filter and I'm having a lot of trouble identifying what type of Eheim professional it is. I discovered it on craigslist he said he had it on a 120 gallon so,it should be suitable for my 75 but I'm still skeptical. He wants $75 for this and a misc. power filter.
Is it a good deal? or what

Here are a few pictures of it.


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Looks like the wet dry 2222, not really sought after in the planted community.
I have a 2229, they're ok filters. I'd pass though. Looks to be a smaller 2227
Yup, the 2222 is the first pro I think.
Deffinitely looks like a 2222 wet dry. Is there a serial number or something on it?
Yeah looks to be to under powered... Only 132 gph :/

What canister filter do you guys recommend for a 75 gallon?
like Jmlampert23 said go Pro or even the old classic Eheim 2260 or 2262 , I've seen them listed on craigslist in Boston and even in the Boston aquarium forum web site.
Looks like the 2229 to me, I have one on a planted tank with a sunsun 304. I love it, flow is great and I pluged the hole so I do not use the whole wet dry feature as that is more for marine tanks.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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