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eheim pro 3 2075 wont polish water

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I have the 3rd tray which is half bio half floss not packed too much, and the 4th tray half bio packed with layers of floss, purigen, then the fine filter pad it came with. This tray is solid full of filter media. The first week of use and the water was crystal clear and then I did some quick rinsing and ever since the water has not gone completely clear.

Would anyone recommend what I could do? Maybe find some very very fine filter pads (micron scale filtration pads) and place them at the very last point after the purigen and once the water is polished remove the fine pad? It seems the floss has lost effectiveness after "loosening" up after rinsing and clumping up in other areas
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Is it a new tank?
when you cleaned the filter you could have possibly killed off some bio, causing a Bacterial bloom.
Almost 3 - 4 months old at least maybe in between haha. Filter is used for mech filtration only, plants for bio :) I didn't rinse anything but floss. Filter set up boxing day, rinsed prefilter a few days after rescaping and the floss as well and has happened since then. Purigen is still good.

Did a water change today and it helped but I also moved around the spray bar which ,ade it cloudy again :p I think the floss has "shrunk" and compacted a bit. Could probably add more into both the 3rd and 4th trays
Filter floss seem to shrink or compact after the first time you clean it. Probably by sqeezing it. I just buy the big pad of that stuff and cut out a new piece when it gets like that.
Think I will do that big als seems to be expensive for that kind of stuff though
Although I still add seachem clarity to my tanks ( im very impatient) I find that cloudy water will always work itself out . Idk how old the purigen is but maybe recharge it anyway just to see how that goes.

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I will have to get me some of that stuff :) always wanted some.. Is it safe for the fishes gills?

I fixed up the floss and now its doing a better job almost looks like air hehe. Purigen is still good and doing its job I think, next time I give the prefilter a quick rinse I will regenerate the purigen. Wish I had another of "the bag" to use the rest of the new purigen I have lol
I have never had cloudy water stay cloudy. You can just wait it out. If I am impatient, I will add an extra HOB filter I have laying around, speeding up the process. I am impatient and lazy so that works for me, over pulling out the canister.
have you checked using a white cup/ Styrofoam cup, to see if it has a green tint, as in green water?
have you checked using a white cup/ Styrofoam cup, to see if it has a green tint, as in green water?
I agree it's a likely culprit.

Also for us USAers... when was boxing day, again?
Water is clear now :)

Recharged purigen and added new floss.
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