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Eheim leaking

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Hi does anyone know a reason why my eheim leaks before and after the quick disconnects? It's leaking where I tighten the tube to the quick disconnects. I have been trying to fix it for a while but I stopped because I was getting frustrated. I tried using zip ties to tighten it but it still leaks. If anyone can help, I'll be extremely grateful.:icon_conf
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It may be simply because you did not tighten the screw nut enough.

Try pushing the tubing as far as it will go into the quick disconnect, and then tighten down the screw onto the tubing.

It may also be because the screw is not gripping onto the tubing. If that is the case, you may want to just cut off the first 2-3 cm of the tubing, and then retry putting the tubing onto the quick disconnect barb, so that there is "fresh" tubing for it to grip onto.
Ok it still leaks..

Has anyone used their Eheim filter without the quick disconnects? Wouldn't the flow be stronger without it?
How old is it? I bought a used 2213 before and it also leaked at the quick disconnects. After careful inspection I found that it's missing the rubber o-rings.

It will work without quick disconnects but disconnects will not be quick anymore LOL.
It is now leaking in one spot after the quick disconnects. Where you twist the screw on the tube. I twisted so far, it is now stuck and my hand is red after numerous of attempts to twist it off. lol.

The previous user said it was about 8 months old.
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