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Eheim Ecco Pro 2234 at 75$

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Just picked one up from my local petsmart, but they have on the website too 74.97... the substrat bio media was 6.17 also(instore). Cant beat the price wish I woulda gotten more of the 2232's when they closed them out.
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love petsmart clearance sale

those are $75 in philadelphia too!!!

picked up 2 2232 for $50 each
3 2234 for $75 each

i will use them when i set up more crs / bee tanks
The 2236's are off the shelf here so i'm sure it's coming soon.
It's more economical to buy a new one of these, than to spend $25+ to replace a rotor or shaft.
Are these canisters being replaced with a new model?

I have a 2211 (I think) but the flow is poor as I cannot place it below the tank.

It is also a pain to prime.

I am using it on a Fluval EBI.

Yeah they add new models on the shelves and mark the old models down at great prices, I wonder around and look for the priced to close tags lol

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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