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Eheim double tap connectors interchangeable?

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I have an Eheim 2213 with the standard tubing, connectors, etc. Just found out today while setting it up two of the connectors are broken. I need to replace them, but it seems these things aren't easy to find OR they're going to be $25 each. Since I need two I may as well buy a new filter.:mad:

I did find some on Amazon for $20 each, but it doesn't say what filter they fit.

Anyone know if all the Eheims use the same double tap connectors??


PS: Please speak slowly and use your small words. I'm stewpid when it comes to this stuff.
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Check drsfostersmith, currently back ordered though, if you are not in a hurry like 14.00
The hose size is printed on the tube. For the 2213 they are both the same size.
Couesfanatic, thanks. Darn!

Charlie, yeah, I saw that so I guess I'll order and wait. I've already got one larger Eheim running so it'll be fine till I can get the 2213 going.

Jrman, the connectors, not the hose. But thanks!
Here's one of my old threads. You can DIY your quick disconnects for really cheap. If you buy them they cost like 15-25 dollars EACH. Figure out if your eheim filter uses 1/2 tubing or 5/8 tubing. If it uses 1/2 then you can get all the stuff at home depot including the hose barbs. If it uses 5/8 you'll have to get the osh hose barbs.
Connectors are based on the hose size. For your filter both input and out are the same size. Not that way on all classics.

Looks like they are about $25 no matter where you go.

How did you break them?

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Thanks, Neil. I'm saving your thread for future possibilities. Really awesome! I already ordered some on Drs. Foster.

Jrman, okay I see now, lol. I just thought you'd misunderstood my question. And you even used small words. :D I ended up ordering them on Drs. Foster. They're backordered.

I don't know how they broke. The filter has been stored for a couple of years and prior to that went through a cross country move (packed away) so I'm assuming it happened then. The little nubs that stick down into the tubing broke off at the base of the connectors (on two separate connectors) and are stuck in the tubing. Obviously I could get them out of the tubing, but there's no way I'd ever trust the connectors to work right even if I glued the nubs back on, which I don't think is a good idea.
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