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eheim disconnect and water change

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Just a quick question about your eheim and its disconnects/valves. I've got the classic 2211 on my nano and was wondering how eheim users go about changing large amounts of water in the aquarium.

My question is, do most people close the valves on the eheim when doing a large water change (keeping the filter plugged in and running) and then release the valves once the water change is complete.


Do some close the valves, turn off the filter, do a water change, open the valves and turn the filter on?

I'm wondering if by closing the valves and keeping the filter running, if that will cause a strain on the filter motor...

My water changes usually take around 15 minutes.

I was also wondering if there are some here that use polyester batting to replace the white mechanical filter pad once it gets soiled. I've noticed that in the past month, my eheim outflow has decreased. I rinsed the white filter pad and, presto, the flow increased to normal. But I'm thinking of replacing this media as it seems to have gotten rather worn out after my initial setup.

Thanks in advance.

best, el g
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Everyone has their own way of doing water changes with canister filters.

I leave my Eheims running as long as the intake strainer remains submerged under water.

The white fine filter pad does not clean well for me, so I change it during filter maintenance. I have used polyester batting material as a replacement. Just make sure it's not too thick and is placed under the top lattice screen to prevent stray fibers from being caught in the impeller.
thanks deeda. good tip about the stray fibers and the impeller too.
I unplug, close all valves, detach quick disconnects, do water change, or do filter maintenance, reattach quick disconnects, open valves and plug it back in.
Be careful when opening the valves when the filter is empty 'cause it will suck water in and huge air bubbles will come up from one either the intake or outtake, if your water level is really high it can cause a big splash :)
i fill my tanks as I drain them so I don't shock the animals, it also keeps my eheims running without issue.
thanks for the great responses. I've been shutting the filter off after closing the disconnects during larger water changes. I just removed the white pad as it was nearly black and disintegrating. Replaced it with the polyester batting, then put the black course pad on top, and then the green plastic divider.

love this filter.

thanks again,

el g
I am not an expert by any means. In fact, I am just now setting up my first planted tank. I bought an Eheim canister filter so I have been doing a bit of research on them. From my understanding, you do not want to use the black filter pad with a planted tank. It is carbon and it removes things from your water that your plants need. I have read that you can put some extra filter floss in its place. I bought Purigen instead to go in place of the carbon pad. It is supposed to be good for planted tanks. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
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