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Eheim dilemma! 2211 or 2213?

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I have done some research on canister filters and I think I will get an Eheim 2211 or 2213 for my planned 36 gallon. I have read up on both and considering budget etc I think I am getting the 2211. Does anyone recommend that I get a 2213 or an entirely different filter? Help is appreciated.
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2217 for a single-filter 36G....I run a 2215 on my 20L. 2211/13 is too small for that size tank. It's worth it to spend the extra money on a filter that'll actually circulate your tank well.
I would say for a 36 you would want at least a 2215. a 2217 would be better.
definitely the 2217, I run a 2215 on my 17.5g and wish I had more flow, I run a 2211 on my 8g and I think thats a good match. 2211 on a 36g is not even close to enough.
Running a 2217 on a 29 comfortably. For a 36g, I'd definitely go with it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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