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Eheim Compact+ Pump 3000

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Looking to get this pump for a return from my sump to my 75 gallon planted tank. Have only found positive reviews, but many of them are rather old, mostly for saltwater, and not really any here. Anyone have any experience with these? Pump 3000
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I have being using the 2000 for 2 + years driving my co2 reactor and it still runs quiet & operates like the day it came out of the box
I've had the compact+ 3000 as my return for about 6 months now. No problems at all so far. I'd buy another if I needed another pump.
Thanks! BraveBuc, what size tank and sump are you running? How is the flow?
Thanks! BraveBuc, what size tank and sump are you running? How is the flow?
It's in a 29G sump that is for a 40b. However, I intentionally over did it on the sump and return thinking I'll just move that over to a bigger tank at some point.

I went with an internal/external beananimal wall to wall overflow. So, the overflow is 36 inches in length and there still is a decent layer of water going over the top of that.

I've been meaning to measure the gph after head loss but have not gotten around to it yet. :confused1: I'd be willing to do so during this weekend's water change if it would be helpful to you.
Thanks for the reply, that answers my question. No need to measure anything for me :)
You're welcome. Though I'd still like to know for myself but I'm sure I'll forget come water change time.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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