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Eheim classic 150 (2211)

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This filter has two different size hoses? I ordered off amazon and it didn't give any info on wich model 221 2213 2215 so I went with the 40g one and reading the back of the box it sais it runs two size hoses, I need 13mm hoses on both sides. I haven't opened it yet everyone's asleep, just kinda disappointed I guess now that I need to buy a seperate glass either inflow or outflow
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Yup .... the return hose is 9/12 , intake is 12/16 . Find a plumbing supply place , bring both sizes of tubing ,and see if they can fix you up with a 12mm/9mm barbed reducer . This will let you step up from 9/12 to12/16 tubing on the discharge end . You'll still have a bit of 9/12 where it comes out of the filter , though that shouldn't mattter . Auto supply places might have similar fittings for vacuum lines .Either way , you want one made of nylon some other plastic
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