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Eheim Canister Filters or What???

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I have quite a few aquariums running. On most tanks I have Eheim canister filters. Before shrimp obsession was fancy goldfish which I have two tanks a 55 & 60 cube. Both run Eheim and Aquaclear HOB, HOB are for mechanical. I want to eliminate the HOB on one of the tanks for aesthetic reasons.
Plan is to pick up a Canister for mechanical filtration only.
Question what other canisters would be at the top of the list?
Their are so many choices of canisters. Happy with Eheims just thought I would ask for some thoughts on others...just in case a good deal on one came my way.
Just need a cleaning machine
TY Karen
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Everyone has their own opinion on what the "best" canister filter is. I'd say if you're happy with the Eheims then stick with them.
I and many others have great experiences with SunSun Canisters off of Ebay.
Tuffgong good to know I was reading about that filter earlier. How long have you been using yours and what model did you get? They have one with a UV...might be nice for goldfish!!!
I have two. The 302 has 3 media baskets and the 304a which has the UV sterilizer and 4 media baskets. The UV works great though I rarely use it. I've had them running for approximately 6 months now with zero problems and plenty of flow.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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