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Eheim Canister Filter Selection Advice

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Hi everyone,

I've got a 75g high tech tank and I was looking for advice on which filter would be appropriate for the tank. Can someone please suggest one, or advise on recommended turn over rate, so I can browse?

Thank you.

I am here:
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I'm using a 2075 on my 75. I had to pick this one up in a hurry when I had to ship back my fluval g6 for repairs.

Between the two the fluval seam to have better mech filtration and it easier to clean the mech. The eheim is nice. Once I get new sponges tomorrow I'll see how it does with the mech.

Eheim is easier for me to prime.
+1 on Eheim 2075

I am running 2 Eheims 2026 on my 75 Tall
Sorry to hijack but how about a 2 feet, 30g planted tank on a cabinet? Would the 2215 be sufficient?
Yes, it would be fine. I'm using a 2213 on a 29 gallon without problem.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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