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Eheim "Auto Feeder" set up questions

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I don't have the directions for this but I do know it has 4 feeding settings for
You have a "Mode" "Plus" "Set" buttons..
It starts off by a 15:00 Number..... Is that like 5 o'clock or ??

I need to use this right away and would appreciate any suggestions on
set up if possible.

Thank You!!!!!
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I think I just figured it out actually.. Pretty simple.......
I first started out setting the correct time.....
I then set it in Mode 1 for the first feeding etc...
Then went back to the "Correct" time that I set it up at and I see that it's
"Blinking" at the Double points between the #'s. Guess that means that
when it goes to the 1st. setting then it just activates the feeder and so on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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