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Eheim Aqualife Nano Tank

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Any opinions on these? I wonder how good that light set up can really be.
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You will not be able to grow any plants in one of those things with that stock fixture. Maybe with some DIY magic, yes, but not as is. Other then that, I like 'em! Would make a great unplanted biotope of some sort.
I think they look neat. I wonder when they will hit the US. The size choice is nice 4, 6 or 9 gallons. I wonder how easy it would be to modify that light considering it looks like it is attached to the filter...
Maybe one could detatch the filter and fixture and simply use the tank.
That is good idea. I have one of the new Fluval Ebi's and I really like it. The Eheim is appealing to me because it doesn't have a faux wall on the back and I like the look of the pendant style light. I showed it to my husband and got the most evil look I have seen in a long time...
Anyone have a link to these tanks? I haven't seen one...

It seems to be a bit pricey for $150 for the 9g...
That sounds like a pretty good price actually. Keep in mind that it comes with a filter as well. It's not much more expensive than the Fluval kits out in the market right now.

I'd love to get one of these tanks as soon as they hit the market, but only if the stock light is adequate enough to grow some plants. I like how it looks on the tank.
fora about 60-70 dollars less you can get a rimless cube fluval Flora its a 7.9g.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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