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Eheim Advise - 2236 or 2222

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I'm looking to upgrade my Eheim Ecco 2232 on my 25Gal. Big Al's has the Ecco 2236 for $89.00 and the Pro 2222 for $99.00.

Tough decision.

Never had a Pro series before. I love my Ecco's and my Classic.

Anyone care to chime in on the pros and cons of each? The only real difference that I can tell is that the 2222 has a lower GPH rate.


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I prefer the Classic series eheims. They hold more media and have proven themselves over many yrs.

I would probably go with the Classic 2215 or invest about $20 more and get the 2217 and throttle back on the flow a bit if you notice it is too strong.
Thanks for the reply.

I think the 2217 is way too much for a 25.

The 2215 is $99.00 at Big Al's, the same price as the 2222 and still $10.00 more than the 2236. Pretty much all the same price. I hate when they do that.

I am currently leaning towards the 2222 for no other reason than I've never had a Professionel series. But I'd perfer to get the "better" filter rather than try something different.

I have a 2217 on my 90 and it's not the easiest to maintain. I can remove, clean and reinstall my 3 Eccos in about the same time as it takes for my 2217. From what I've read the Professionel series are fairly easy to maintain.

Still thinking this one through....
Personally I own an ECCO, 3 classics and a ProII out of these filters I find that in all reality they are pretty much the same to maintain. However both the ecco and the pro series canisters have "baskets" to hold the media were the classics do not (with ther exception of the Classic 2213 which does) These baskets add time to the maintanance where you have to remove open and close them.

Which the classics all you have to do is open them, remove the floss backflush them replace floss close it up. Done. Takes all of 3-4 minutes.

With the ecco and pro/proII models you cannot blackflush them as both the intake and return hoses on located on the top of the filter. Maint is easily twice as long.
Well there you go.... I've never backflushed my 2217. Not sure what you mean by that, but I'd sure like to know. Might make things easier. I just use Bioballs, ceramic noodles, rough filter pad and a fine pad in my classic. I'm thinking of switching to just Bioballs and maybe the rough pad at my next cleaning.

Don't get me wrong here. I love my 2217. It is easily the best filter I've ever owned. I've only had it for 10 months and so I've only cleaned it once (at 6 months). It runs strong and quiet. But removing the media to clean it is a pain. That's what makes the baskets in the Eccos a cinch.

So of the three types that you have I guess you like the classic the best?

Thanks again,

One thing I forgot to mention is that Big Al's is currently pricing the 2236 at $89.00 and the 2234 at $99.00. Doesn't make much sense but does further complicate to my decision.
Imaging this if you will.

1: Close the double taps and remove the 2217.
2: Place the canister on a counter turn intake to the side, open the doubletap and drain the filter into a bucket.
3: Move the intake so it is over the sink. Pour the water from the bucket back into the canister. (Note this is the opposite way the water flows when on).
4: Watch as the dirty water pours into the sink.
5: Replace the fine pad (or floss) return the filter and turn it on.

I have mine filled with efhisubstratpro which does trap alot of debris. Your bioballs probably do not so you wont see as much gunk. If I have my eheim filled like you do, I would probably just replace the floss and call it good.

Yes, the classic is IMO the best, by far.
DUH! Of course!!!!! What the hell was I thinking?!? That makes perfect sense!!!

Thanks again!

Not a problem.
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