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eheim 2234 spray bar ideas

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Hi guys.. i have a pair of 2234s on my 50 SA planted. Besides building my own (live in an apt) and buying the expensive eheim spray bars.. any ideas on where i can get a bar that is compatible?
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I remembering reading somewhere that Eheim does not recommend spray bars in their Ecco series as it may damage the motor due to back pressure issues. Ecco filers are built to be efficient, and thus, not particularly powerful.

Here is the link to the thread I remember reading:
If you wanted to, you could pick up 1/2" pvc (it's like $1.50 for a 5-foot section), connect it to the outflow hose via a 50 cent plastic connector, and drill holes in the pvc. You could also get creative with 45 and 90 degree bends.
I just built mine, intake and spraybar, for a total of $6
Spray Bar for Eheim filter 2217.

Try this remove the endcap you wont get back pressure.Mine working well for the past six months.water spreads entire tank.I got the spray bar from one hobbyist who was not using.No extra cost for me.Clips you have to buy extra.Try your self.


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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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