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Eheim 2226 losing output. what to do?

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My 2226 output is far less than my 2215. I have recenlty replaced the main gasket around the pump head. The gaskets around the basket intakes are worn and I have made some DIY pieces to try to increase the flow. I can't seem to find the replacement pieces that connect the stacking baskets. Does anyone know where I can buy online. No LFS has them. Or do you think it is something else? Inside the filter I have the MECH,coarse pad, substrate/carbon and then the fliter wool. filter was cleaned 3 weeks ago.
Why is my output so diminished
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the output on the 2226 is listed as 247 gal/hr where the 2215 is listed as 164 gal/hr
You need the media basket seals here

Also, make sure the input connector is connected properly between the top media basket and the pump head (shown here for clarity).

Of course, you can purchase these parts at retailers other than what I linked to but they had the best pictures.

Hope this helps,
Thanks Dee. I bought the seals today at a LFS before I saw your reply. I don't think that I have that input connector. I bought the filter used with the tank so I'll have to open up the filter.
Thanks again.
Sometimes that input connector slides down into the top tray stub. If you do have it, I find it easier to insert it into the canister head 1st and then reassemble the canister.

Check your other media tray as it may be in there.

how many media trays does the 2222, 2224 and 2226 each respectively have?
2226 has 2 trays. don't know about the others
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