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A Google search will turn up several places to get the manuals. But then it may not need a manual as it is pretty simple. The setup is the key to making it simple. Too many skip the manual because it is written in many different languages and that makes it appear to be a great big book. Only bother with the part that is in your language!

Trimmed down version?

Have the lines cut short enough to not have droops where water or air get trapped. Do leave them long enough to work with though.
For cleaning, Close all the valves, open the disconnects and pull the can to where you clean. Rinse all media in water that does not contain chlorine. Pull the cover off the impeller and clean it and the hole where it sets. I use a Q-tip to get down inside. Reassemble and replace. Leave the canister empty until you open the valves. Have the intake end under water and the line full. When you open the valves, water will run down the intake, fill the can and the other line up to the tank water level. Plug in and wait for any remaining air to be expelled in a few minutes and you are done. Check for any small leaks and you are home free.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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