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Eheim 2217 spray bar setup

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Heya. I got my 2nd eheim 2217 set up in my 75g. I have it so that the spray bar from filter 1 and the intake from filter 2 is on the left and the intake from 1 and spray bar from 2 is on the right (they're set up oppositely). Right now I have both spray bars near the top spraying against eachother creating way too much movement on the top part of the tank and any fish caught there goes flying. Any idea on what to do to open the top up for fish to swim freely? For now I put a sponge on the new 2217 to lower flow a bit but it hardly put a dent in the flow. Thinking of getting 2 prefilters to slow it a bit but I still need to solve the spray bar trouble.. Ideas? I seriously want to order more fish but can't till I solve all of the problems.. Gotta move some rock too since I'm getting German blue rams. Gonna split it into 2 caves I think.
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I have 2 Eheim 2217's on my 55 and what I did was place the spray bars on the back wall facing toward the front of the aquarium angled up slightly for water agitation with the intakes on each corner of the tank with my heater in the middle of the 2 spraybars.

Has worked beautiful for me :) I have good water flow throughout the entire tank, the flow goes from the back to the front of the aquarium then swirls clockwise/counter clockwise in the middle and back again. About the fish, once you do this set-up they will have to get used to the currents in the tank, after they get used to it, no problem. My fish swim mid/Low tho... Once i get my blue flash cyps (Swim at the top of the tank) i'll let you know.

Look @ my current set-up pics for today on my profile and you will see how I placed my spraybars.
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You can put the spray bars on the sides, on the back, an inch or so below water and aimed in line with the water line, aimed straight down, aimed down at an angle, etc...

You can drill the holes a little bigger to reduce velocity out of the spraybars.

You can cut them in half and connect with 1/2" tubing so half can aim one way and the other half another way.

You can put a valve inline with the output to reduce/control flow.

Lots of options. You just need to figure out what is best for your setup.
yea i think im going to add more holes or maybe make the existing ones a bit bigger.
spray bar

Try as seen in the picture.Mine 2217 working well for the past six months.


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That is the same kind of spray bar that came with my 2229 wet/dry and I hate it. I changed it to the same kind that are on the Pro 3 models.
i was just thinking.. how about getting a 3' 6" or so spray bar to run o the back wall nd connect one hose to each side?? More holes for it to spray out of.. plus if its custom i can get a nice clear one or something. any idea as to where i may be able to get something like that done? if not i may cut a piece of tubing, disconnect the end caps, and connect the two spray bars with a tube in the middle.. o_0.
hey is that intake/spray bar set any good jrman?
so im gonna try widening the holes in one of the spray bars to see how it works. might try and add some holes even.
hey is that intake/spray bar set any good jrman?
I like it. It's the same spray bar that comes with the 2080 and 2075.
i found a different cheaper solution.. i just took the spray bar out and made the existing holes bigger.. Dont even know the bit size.. just found one laying around that looked around the right size for the job.. so i drilled through the existing holes and extended em on both spray bars (tried one first in case i skrewed it up just to test and it seemed to work).. it lowered the pressure by a bit- not too much but enough, definately.. and i took the 2nd bar and lowered it a bit below the 2nd so that the current isnt too bad (instead of current from both of them, you pass through two seperate currents from different directions). still lots of flow though but we'll see what happens.
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