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I went under my tank this morning to adjust my heater temp and had to slightly move my new Ehiem 2217 a bit to see the dial of the heater, when I looked up there was a cloud of off white dust everywhere in my tank.

The filter was installed 3 weeks ago and has been fine and the spray is very stong because I see it during water changes. I also have 2 very old 2215s on the tank and thought it was time for new filters, so the 2217 was just getting seeded. So I tipped it slightly a second time and got another cloud, I had to leave for 6 hours or so and the tank looked clear when I got back.

Could it get a air lock or something, all week I noticed a decline in water quality and thought it was going to be a diatom outbreak, I even posted it in my journal thinking it was due to my home water softner being out of salt and I thought it was silicates or sediment from the resin tank, but it may have been the 2217 was not working properly?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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