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eheim 2215 tubing replacements!

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hey guys i really need someone to answer this question that i have about the eheim 2215 tubes. everyone knows that the eheim line of filters has an ugly green colored theme. while i was searching for a replacement, i found this

will this work?
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Go to home depot or lowes.

Clear vinyl tubing in the plumbing section. Works great, and is alot cheaper than that.
I second that. Home Depot Or Lowes will have all the 13mm tubing you can ask for. I got my 16mm (5/8) tubing there and re did my entire filter for like 9 bucks
+1 for home depot or lowes. If you're not confident in which size to buy, take the Eheim fitting with you and test the fit until you find the right one
At the big box store, check the tubing for kinks.
Some won't ever straighten out, even if you run hot water through the tubing.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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